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We just got back from a small restaurant in downtown “Gastown,” Vancouver BC.  

Our Breakfast Reviews are for Brioche-Truly a Breakfast Delight!

Sleeping in until 8:30 am added to our lazy pleasures of choosing a restaurant for a special Saturday morning Breakfast.  Driving downtown in Vancouver, BC we ran into some heavy rains and were having second thoughts about finding something special when we drove up to a quaint looking restaurant with a inviting sign that said, “OPEN.”  

Walking in there was a friendly waitress to greet us and direct us to one of the desk style tables and chairs.  

We sat down and were given delicious menu choices.  Looking around we noticed the splashes of color in glassware on shelves and artwork hung on the walls.  A Jazzy, soulful choice of relaxing and soothing music played in the background while we ordered two hazelnut lattes, one Spinach & Feta Omelette, and one (three) eggs Benedict.

Our breakfast meal arrived in a delicious European-style presentation with a mouth-watering dish of seasonal fresh fruit.  

Not only was it a fabulous experience for our taste buds and our visual senses, but it was a joy to find this hidden jewel tucked into the corner of a busy street, just bursting with the kind of atmosphere that has us wanting to go back again!  

Go see for yourself: Breakfast Reviews Rates Brioche – 10!

  • Brioche - Urban baking & catering
  • Brioche on Urbanspoon
  • Owner:  eduardo bilerdello
  • 401 W Cordova & Homer
  • Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5

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